24 against beast

24 against beast

Elven armour is very light, but strong. It covers the fighter’s body as a second skin, protecting him from arrows and sword strokes. But today it won’t save Gael’s life, the great elven bowman.

Dwarven weapon has always been assumed the best. No one in the Great World is as talented in blacksmithing as dwarfs. Their axes can chop a stone. The dwarfs are the best in both manufacturing weapon and using it. But today the sharpest axes won’t help Gefur, the dwarf’s best warrior.

Gibberlings are the best in reconnaissance. Their medium height, effective concealment and sharp eyes make them irreplaceable. It is insanity to engage without gibberlings involvement. But today their experience and ability to vanish into thin air can’t protect Nely, the best gibberlings’ spy.

People can take part in a battle in any role, they can handle a sword, shoot with a bow, go on the scout, help wounded and visit magic hurricanes upon their enemies. They aren’t the best, but they are universal, which makes them irreplaceable. Women prefer to be hilas – wizard-doctors saving people on the battlefield. But today their ability to raise the dead or salve wounds won’t save them and Iream; the greatest hil of the Great World will die together with those she couldn’t cure.

There were 24 fighters and despite they went through a hundred battles, today they were scared. They had to go to the Cave of Fear, where they had to kill the Soulless Beast. They were preparing to the fight for a few months – choosing armour and weapon, training, selecting the best of the best to a detachment. But the fear remained, until now no one had been able to kill that monster.

The detachment’s leader Gael beat to arms. The detachment entered the Cave and froze: the Soulless Beast was drowsing in the centre of the cave. “You know what to do. Fighters should fight, wizards should control the enemy, hils should cure!” – these parting words became a tradition, but the wizards and hils understood it won’t be easy today.

The fighting began. The Beast opened his eyes. He raised his hand and a wall of monsters rose and attacked the detachment. A few warriors fell and the detachment began to fall back. Hils revived one of the three warriors killed by a spell. The Beast called more monsters and the detachment moved toward them…

Suddenly the cave’s ceiling vibrated with woman scream: “Aleeeeksey, turn it off!”
The detachment froze in complete confusion – wasn’t it the gods’ joke? “Mooom”, they heard the second voice. “Now!!!”, the woman cried. Suddenly the sun disappeared and all fighters, monsters and the Beast fell down dead.

Aleksey turned off the game and went to have his dinner. Anyway it was clear he can’t kill the Beast this time. He needs the stronger detachment and prepare more seriously for the war.

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