About us

about_350x280As a person with congenital disease knows nothing about health, our planet knows nothing about peace. War – in one form or another – never ends. World, civil, religious…first, second, ten years’, hundred years’ war. Our history is a history of wars. But as penicillin was developed one day and deadly diseases retreated, a new way to bring peace on earth will be found someday. We are taking step in this direction. Are you coming with us?

Some numbers

To date, there are more than 20 hot spots around the world.  More than 20 countries sit on a powder keg, not knowing what tomorrow will bring and won’t it turn their lives into ashes.

Among them there are countries, mostly in Africa, that have never known peace, where chaos and ruins became a way of life, where you can create your own distorted truth if you have weapon. Where children are playing with grenades and adults are playing with human lives.

And there are those who could see a real war, even local, only in nightmares. They live in peace, but one awful day life changes once and for all. These countries cannot believe what is happening on their territories. Neither people, nor governments remember how to act in this situation, because those countries’ armies are weak and people do not know how to survive in extreme conditions.

All these countries feel pain and fear. Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and South America – no one has a magic vaccine curing deadly disease called “war”.

Is it about economy?

In ancient times philosophers used to say that war is nothing else but cold-blooded premeditation disguised with fine worlds. Wars were always levied because of the resources: whether that was land or prisoners, food or gold. Today all wars may be reduced to the question of money and power, although it may seem at first sight that some conflicts are caused by other reasons. It has been said that there are cultural, religious, gender wars, but when the words are gone the real reason of war becomes clear – the right to dispose of natural resources and dictate extremely disadvantageous conditions to others.

It seems that many people got used to that cynicism. There is no use in doing something when the powers that be cut our planet in pieces like a birthday cake, taking the best pieces, and if you cross their path they can destroy you. Perhaps, some people have accepted that situation, but we are not. We can no longer accept the fact that human life is worth nothing and money is everything, that greedy manoeuvrers instigate wars here and there. Someone has to make the first move towards the struggle for absolute peace. Are you coming with us?

Different doesn’t mean hostile

Any peacekeeping activities should begin with understanding and effort to hear. Paraphrasing a popular quotation we may say that “he that hath ears to hear, let him cease fire”. We are all very different: some people believe in One God, others believe in pantheon and some need no belief. Some people surround themselves with gold, for other people ordinary food is as good as gold. Some people live in closed communities, some are opened and even enforce their culture upon others. We are all very different, but we have something in common: we all need peace. We need everlasting peace, but not for a day or year. We need peace that will be handed down from generation to generation as one of the most precious heirlooms. There are rich people and poor, Catholics and Islamists, but none of them can plan future when their native cities or countries are being destroyed, when children are screaming in agony, when sons are born only to be sent off to war.

In global peace-building there are no beaten tracks that lead straight to the goal. Each of us is a groundbreaker and each of us will learn by experience what is peacekeeping. We are not afraid to rebel against the system, against global inhuman economic system and take a step towards life in which everybody will forget the word “war”. Are you coming with us?

And if your answer is “yes” than don’t be afraid of cynical shysters’ superior forces. Remember the parable of the broom and twig: a single twig breaks, but a broom made of twigs is strong. We want to become that broom which will sweep up all wars and bloodsheds out of our planet. But we are just a twig without you. So are you coming with us?