Economic development of Ukraine Part 4. Aircraft and airspace industry

Economic development of Ukraine Part 4. Aircraft and airspace industry

Aircraft and airspace sectors are strategically important areas of Ukrainian economy. Sustainable development of these industries is important for social and economic development of Ukraine (that includes development of related sectors of economy, infrastructure development, greater local production and employment-generation).

Aircraft industry. Ukraine is in the top nine elite countries of the world to possess a full cycle of aerospace hardware engineering and production. Besides design and production of passenger and transportation aircraft, Ukraine also boasts a network of aircraft repair enterprises, including companies involved in recovery of military planes and helicopters.

For reference. There are thirty nine enterprises involved in aircraft industry of Ukraine. The largest are the following: Antonov Scientific and Production Complex Design Office, Kharkov Aircraft Manufacturing Plant, Aviant Kiev Plant and Civil Aircraft Plant No.410.

Profile output for the Ukrainian companies includes transportation, as well as passenger planes for regional and medium-haul routes. Ukrainian aircraft designers developed many unique models of aircrafts which are very competitive in the world aircraft market. Among them there are: АN-124-100 Ruslan planes, AN-225 Mria, AN-70, AN-140, AN-148 aircraft family, AN-2M, AN-3, AN-2B seaplane, AN-30 aerial photography airplane, AN-74 transport multipurpose aircraft, AN-72P, AN-74 light multipurpose aircraft and others.
Restructuring and modernisation of the Ukrainian aircraft companies can become an important instrument for further development of the industry.

The most successful example offers Airbus, a recognized leader in aircraft construction. Airbus achieved many successes due to the implementation of full aircraft construction cycle from technological development to service support and exploitation.

Aircraft industry is one of the priority directions in development of modern Ukrainian economy and it requires financial support from the state. Due to the lack of financial support from the government the Ukrainian aircraft industry cannot reach its full potential. Other states provide strong support for the development of aircraft sector.
Ukrainian aircraft manufacturers have considerable scope to develop international cooperation. Joint development and production of military and transportation aircrafts in cooperation with Canadian companies is an example of the promising avenues of cooperation. Furthermore, Antonov Company can develop the production of modernized Ruslan planes with western engines involving American companies.

Aerospace industry. Ukraine is among five countries worldwide which have a complete circuit of space rocket production. Among the most notable achievements of Ukrainian aerospace industry there are the following: the launch of Sich-1 satellite, construction of Cyclone-4 carrier rocket and participation in Sea Launch international project.

For reference. The aerospace industry of Ukraine includes seven design bureaus and scientific research institutes, twelve enterprises and design offices, which employ more than 43,000 people. The entire space rocket industry in Ukraine has been managed by the National Space Agency of Ukraine.

Ukrainian aerospace enterprises, as well as the economy of the country as a whole, are undergoing a very difficult time. The disruption of industrial-economic relations with Russia, the major export destination of Ukrainian aerospace products, had a negative impact on the industry’s development.

At the same time, Ukraine strives to expand its presence in the world aerospace market. In particular, work is continuing on the Ukrainian – Brazilian Cyclone-4 project, which provides for development of a new Cyclone-4 space carrier vehicle in Ukraine, as well as construction of the ground complex for its launches at Alcantara launch site in Brazil. It is a part of the Google Lunar XPRIZE programme.

Ukrainian Yuzhmash rocket-building plant and Yuzhnoye Design Office participate in the development of the basic construction of the first stage of the Antares rocket. Under the contract concluded between the Ukrainian companies and NASA, the Ukrainian side was responsible for the development and production of the rocket’s first stage, the U.S. was responsible for the second stage. The program is financed with the assistance of NASA. Overall, USD 1.9 billion has been earmarked for the implementation of the project. As reported, on April 21, 2013 the Antares carrier rocket launched successfully from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility on Wallops Island (Virginia, U.S.).

Also Ukrainian enterprises participate in the creation of liquid rocket engine for an upper stage of the European launch vehicle «Vega». The forth successful launch took place in February 2015.

There are strong prospects for the further growth of international funding of the Ukrainian aerospace industry. Thus, Bernard Casey, the President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, said that U.S. businessmen are ready to promote the development of the Ukrainian aerospace sector, including the creation of the aerospace valley in Dnipropetrovsk region.

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