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5 Facts About Latin American Wars of Independence

1. Trigger spark  

Contrary to popular notion, the cause of Latin American wars of independence was more then just a desire to get rid of "foreign invaders." Yes, the key positions in the colonies were occupied by the officials sent from the mother country, and local population (even Creoles) was not admitted to high office. (more…)


Fraternization between soldiers during American Civil War

In 1862 Americans were fighting each other; there was the Civil War between Northern and Southern states. The North was mainly represented by industrial states and the Southern slave states were focused on agricultural production. The majority of people working on plantations were slaves. (more…)


My planet

This is my first planet. The first step is always the hardest. Although... what could I expect from my graduate study? Of course, it was easy, at least in theory: we studied the atmospheres, waters and primitive life-forms, but it always seems that adults understand nothing; their planets are boring, their creatures are a little same and their seas are not so good… (more…)


Dynastic marriage enhanced truce

There were around ten truces during the Hundred Years’ War. Usually it lasted for a few years. One of the longest truces between England and France was the final agreement of the 9th of March 1396. It was signed by Richard of Bordeaux, King of England, and Charles VI, King of France. Under the agreement peace was established for twenty eight years. (more…)


Try yourself in journalism!

Dear friends and subscribers! As you can see (;, the International League of Peace brings together the volunteers of all ages such as Nastia Pavlova, who helped us to conduct the opinion surveys on kids’ creativity and peace. Both people who were polled and those who saw the video liked our young and talented journalist Nastia. (more…)...

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