Awkward truth

Awkward truth

The difference between a politician and a statesman is that 

a politician thinks about next elections, 

while the statesman thinks about the next generations.

W. Churchill

Every person begins its life with an innocent purity. Child asks simple questions: “why there is a division into poor and rich?”, “why do people deceive each other?”, “why do people kill each other?”… There are millions of fair “whys?” that come out of the mouths of babes.

People grow and learn to deceive each other and ignore that deception. At school teachers lie children about the link between getting good grades and being successful. At university lecturers lie students when they say the graduates will find work easily. At work employers deceive employees convincing them that company’s values are their values for which employees must kill their time and health. Doctors lie about the extensive-stage diseases. Politicians lie about their programs. Sometimes it seems people don’t need truth.

Often people ask “Why should we suffer? What is this war for?” But when they ask that they don’t want to hear the truth. War is the most profitable business. According to Churchill, all those who decide whether to start war or not, they are politicians, but not statesmen. They care little for a state; it is only a source of resources for them. All men understand it, abuse such politicians at demonstrations, disclose and even use obscene language. But do people need statesmen? Is mankind ready to change? Because any changes, any reforms make us leave our habit and comfort zone.

To end wars a colossal work must be undertaken towards reorientation of industry to the purpose of peace. Hundreds of thousands of scientists must be deprived of grants received for development of weapons. Retired militaries must be deprived of their colossal pensions and militaries that are under arms must be offered another job. Weapon must be removed from films, books and toy stores. The concept of war must be eliminated at psychological level. These are only the first steps, because renunciation of war is the unprecedented change in humans’ life. Do people want those changes? Are they ready for them? Will they support someone who makes the first step? Maybe, but in case their own interests are affected, many people will prefer everything remain unchanged. Even if “unchanged” is covered with blood of millions.


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