Black sheep

Black sheep

“My daughter is very ill and we need money for drugs!” the woman’s voice in the phone was sobbing. “Yes, I understand, of course we will help you” Eugene haltingly replied trying to drown out the noise of the street. His heart was braking every time he thought of how little they can do, and how many such helpless, needy people the war creates. “How much do you need?”

It wasn’t very difficult to get the needed amount of money in recent months: volunteers became more coordinated. Although in most cases people no longer donated large sums, extensive information network allowed collecting the necessary funds relatively quickly. He made a few calls, posted a message on several websites, and by the end of the week he was ready to go to the hospital with the necessary amount. And then she said that the meeting should be postponed: the child was transported to another place.

“Can we meet there?” Eugene suggested. But, of course, he did not realize that there was a restricted access to that place, that to wait for permissions was too long, and that she had to be on duty round the clock at the bedside of her daughter. And the father? The father was still at the forefront, in the 86 brigade, yes there … it is hard, but they try their best. And she is alone here, and has to fight for the live of her sick child. When he has heard the woman’s sobs again, he knew that another way out should be found. In 40 minutes the funds were transferred to the specified credit card.

With a large bunch of flowers Eugene helplessly stood at the hospital’s registry. They just reiterated to him that there was no child with such or similar name in their hospital never was. No, it wasn’t a mistake; they have a complete list of the all patients. Yes, he can just leave the flowers here …

A few days later a volunteer connected to the fighters of the 86 brigade confirmed that they had never heard of the person named by Eugene. Again and again, scrolling the situation in the head, Eugene dialled a familiar number. “Hello!” he finally heard. «Maybe it was a mistake but there were no such child at the hospital, and in the 86 brigade… “Everyone needs to earn for living! Do not get fooled, so you won’t be deceived! “mocking woman’s voice interrupted him and she hung up.

Eugene silently put the phone into his pocket. Today was not the best day of his life, not the best for a faith in people … Suddenly the phone rang again. For a moment the man hesitated, but then put the phone to his ear and heard an unfamiliar voice: “Eugene? Help us, please! “

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