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Postwar rehabilitation

Participation in hostilities, the threat of death, severe physical trauma - all this often leads to severe mental consequences, obstinate and long lasting.

Psychologist Andrey Chistyakov commented on a survey carried out in Kyiv and told how to overcome war and help to reintegrate former soldiers into civilian life.


Black sheep

"My daughter is very ill and we need money for drugs!" the woman’s voice in the phone was sobbing. "Yes, I understand, of course we will help you" Eugene haltingly replied trying to drown out the noise of the street. His heart was braking every time he thought of how little they can do, and how many such helpless, needy people the war creates. "How much do you...

Economic development of Ukraine Part 4. Aircraft and airspace industry

Aircraft and airspace sectors are strategically important areas of Ukrainian economy. Sustainable development of these industries is important for social and economic development of Ukraine (that includes development of related sectors of economy, infrastructure development, greater local production and employment-generation).

Aircraft industry. Ukraine is in the top nine elite countries of the world to possess a full cycle of aerospace hardware engineering and...

Rehabilitation of former soldiers

War not only leaves physical scars and mutilations in its wake, but also traumatizes and depresses psyche, ruins lives… Psychologist Andrey Chistyakov commented on a survey carried out in Irpen and told how to survive war, overcome it and help to reintegrate former soldiers into civilian life: ...

Peaceful Childhood: project participant’s impressions

In the final video interview, Sophia Palieva, participant of the Peaceful Childhood Project, shared her impressions on this initiative, told about her drawings, about her plans for the future and much more. The young artist and her family expressed heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the International League of Peace’s team for a significant contribution to the development of her talent. (more…)


Psychologist’s opinion on Ukrainians’ nature

Peace-loving, freedom-loving, resilient, patriotic, hard-working, kind and open-minded…  These terms Ukrainians used to describe themselves, answering International League of Peace’s questions about our nation’s mentality, strengths and weaknesses.

Ukrainians also expressed their opinion on what should change each of us to make our country rich and prosperous. 

Andrei Chistyakov, a successful psychologist and educator, commented on the respondents’ answers:


Right now I am too small and I don’t know who is waging this war and why. Every night and sometimes in the day-time, I hear same thunder of cannon and exchange of rifle shots. And I decided to become an artilleryman when I grow up. Why? I don’t know... Maybe, because I'm sick and tired of grazing my cow every day and I want to...

Urban guerrilla

Carlos Marighella was a Brazilian revolutionary. While going underground, he wrote a number of articles, booklets and books that became his most famous contribution to guerrilla literature. 

Information. Joao Carlos Marighella (5 December 1911 – 4 November 1969) was a famous Brazilian social and political activist, leader of the Brazilian Communist Party (BCP), leader and founder of the National Liberation Action (Ação Libertadora...