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10 most peaceful countries in the world in 2014

According to the Global Peace Index 2014 among the top ten most peaceful countries in the world there are Iceland, Denmark, Austria, New Zealand, Switzerland, Finland, Canada, Japan, Belgium and Norway.

New Zealand was first country to allow women to vote

In 1893 the Electoral Act was adopted in New Zealand. According to it women were granted the same political...

Militancy of tyrannies and democracies: who wins tyrannies and democracies: search of aggressor


Part One

Democracies start wars twice less often than countries with authoritarian regimes. This is evidenced by a number of modern researches: the possibility of conflict between two countries depends heavily on their political regimes.

Famous philosopher Immanuel Kant drew attention to this fact in the XVIII century, laying...

War in me…

What is war in the 21st century? It’s the most common and abstract phenomenon in the world.

On the one hand, war is empty word:

  • bloody pictures flashing on the news, pictures of the places that are far away and have nothing to do with you, one person died, two or ten – these are only numbers;
  • terrifying  and...

To hear and understand each other

There are wars of irreconcilable enemies and everything is simple there: don’t trust, don’t be sorry and don’t listen. But it happens that war interposes between relatives, friends or close acquaintances, separating them with a thick glass wall. Perhaps, friends could find a common language even in this situation – by gesticulating, sending letters to each other, or simply sitting together in silence, but they won’t...

All for profit: problem of local wars

I came, I saw, I… embroiled – this is successful tactic of today’s aggressors. It is easy to find a "reason" for a war, but we must remember that only those who are not personally involved into wars benefit from them. However, any benefits of military conflicts cannot be compared with human and material losses, global devastation and psychotrauma of several generations.


War: psychological loses

“When we’ll come down on the ground out of the mountains,

When the guns will be silent,

When the last fire will burn down,

What will we be like, boys?”

Ihor Morozov, poet, Afghanistan combat veteran


When it comes to war, rarely speak about people. Of course, in speaking of war, the chief stress is commonly laid upon the number of killed and wounded, then material...

Mother for all sons

Masha was walking down briskly through the dimly-lit hospital corridor. Moans arose on all sides: adults, children, injured soldiers... bombs aren’t particular, they don’t care who will be killed. There were so many people that there was not enough room, and the corridor became the largest and the most difficult ward. There were both injured and those for whom the hospital became the last shelter in their destroyed city. Masha was...

War and other death

War is a human’s invention, a monster devouring its creator and his posterity. Whatever the reasons for making war, whatever the benefits are at stake, it all comes down to the horrible statistics of deaths. People are dying. To die for gold, for lands, for freedom...does that matter when parents are notified of their children’s death and wives receive the news of their husbands’ death? It is understandable that there are...