Chess world politics play

Chess world politics play

There are no individual countries anymore. Forget about borders and private interests. The ages of conquests and discoveries are over. The time has come for global repartition of the planet between three-four major international players. And ideally only one will remain. It seems to be as old as the hills, but, in contrast to antiquity where interests were defended with arms, modern international relations base on smiling Jesuit ruse. 

The planet is a chequerboard, and the game begins. Who are the Grandmasters? Currently there are four of them: USA, EU, Russia and China.  At the present stage one day they are in conflict with each other, another day they maintain pretended neutrality. But each player wants to shout: “Checkmate!” and get their desirable prize – power over the world. 

In 2014 one of the checker squares, where the outcome of the game can be changed, became Ukraine. It is paradoxical that medium developed country, where corruption regimes prospered for years, even decades, where people lived in poverty, where economy is built on debts and loans became a key country. How is it possible? The answer is Ukraine’s location. It is situated not only in the EU’s buffer zone, but at the crossroads of interests. Ukraine isn’t Russia with its age-old problematic “fools and roads”, but it isn’t Europe yet with its balanced as the watch society’s mechanism of working. 

Today war in Ukraine is necessary to weaken at least one of the four players – Russia and make it dependant on China with the prospect of economic absorption. In that case the USA, China and EU will remain on the battlefield. However, the latter is a fragile construction that may collapse to weaker components. That is one of the reasons the EU almost never makes radical steps and uses tactics of soft evasive diplomacy. In the long term, we should expect a chess game between the USA and China and the EU will join the strongest in the hope to capitalize on its inadvertence or mistake. 

What should Ukraine do in that situation? They decided everything and allotted it a role of instrument in a GREAT game but could it be that the instrument will turn against the Grandmasters? The country that had to be obedient and rejoice every loan, suddenly shows its character, fills with national consciousness, opposes manipulations. The country that can suddenly become a Queen instead of a piece… But will the players allow that?!

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