Economic development of Ukraine Part 5. Tourism

Economic development of Ukraine Part 5. Tourism

Tourism is one of the most promising areas of the international economy. In 2013 more than 220 million workers were employed in the tourism sector worldwide and the sector’s total contribution to world GDP was USD 9 trillion.

Ukraine has a great potential for the development of tourism and can increase its budget revenues. However, the development of tourism is highly dependent on the interest of the state in creating the conditions for successful functioning of this sector of economy.  Unfortunately, it must be noted that today Ukraine isn’t very popular tourist destination.

Below we briefly cover some basic aspects which may directly contribute to the development of the tourism market in Ukraine.

One of the mechanisms for development of tourism is the creation of special economic zones of recreation and tourism. Such zones operate successfully in Africa. There exist 66 special economic zones, which caused rapid economic growth. In Ukraine such zones may be created in the Black Sea Region.

Nature-based types of tourism become very popular. This type of tourism was first developed in Africa in the early 1950s and provided for the legalization of hunting. This has resulted in the establishment of national parks, national reserves and hunting grounds.

Ukraine and its Odessa Oblast, in particular, have all chances to develop tourism, because Ukraine’s nature is unique.

One of the most successful types of ecotourism is bird watching. For example, in America it generates high revenues annually. There are more than 400 species of birds in Odessa Oblast, what makes this type of tourism very promising.

Rural tourism or agrotourism become increasingly popular in Europe. In European countries the rural tourism is an integral part of the comprehensive economic and social development of villages and is considered as alternative to agriculture. 

European experience of developing rural tourism may help Ukraine to improve the situation in rural areas. To date, Zakarpattia Oblast is a leader in rural tourism.  65 per cent of the region’s population live in rural areas. It is twice as high as the average Ukrainian indicator. At the same time, the amount of farmland in use is limited. And tourism is a substantial financial support for rural people.

Of particular interest is medical tourism which becomes increasingly popular. It differs from the traditional tourism, because it allows tourist to combine traditional rest and recovery.

Also Ukraine can offer its services in the field of health. One of such directions is surrogacy. Ukraine is indeed considered to be one of the world centres of surrogacy. Surrogacy is perfectly legitimate in Ukraine and is regulated by the Family Code of Ukraine and other regulatory acts.

As seen from above, Ukrainian economy has vast resources and is able not only overcome the crisis, but move towards modern post industrial society.

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