None of tried soldiers eats before action; it improves the soldier’s chances to survive in the event of injury in the stomach. 

He went out of a barrack, pretending he was going for a walk, he went around in circles. No one followed him because a sabotage operation was planned in a few hours and the entire false-garrison would be destroyed. 

The makeshift military unit was located in the lowland. There was a lonely hill overlooking the entire range. There is no better place for the concealed command post. 

There were still a few hours until sunset. During that time he had to get to one of the possible infiltration areas. The perimeter of the range was approximately one kilometre, but he could choose only one position. Usually, saboteurs can’t enter surreptitiously through the gate guarded by sentry, unless they rush or use concealment techniques. In any case, the saboteurs are on their way to the position and any move accompanies with noise and visual changes…

Two people reached the gates of the garrison: one of them was an old man in a long coat and white shoes, the other  was a young man with the bandages on his leg, he limped noticeably as he walked, leaning heavily on a stick. A sentry lifted his flashlight and asked: “Who goes there? Stand and be identified!” The old man answered his grandson had fallen and lamed his leg, he asked to give them some iodine or green antiseptic to disinfect the wound. The young man moaned and fall. At that moment the old man walked slowly to the barbed-wire fence and… fired two shots. The sentry fall dead and a group of people in camouflage coveralls entered the unit’s territory. In a few minutes the first bursts of gunfire were heard. No one paid attention to another burst of automatic fire near the gates. The firing continued at intervals.

The concealed command post was a temporary wooden shed in the shade of which there were about 20 people, sitting at a long table with a terrain model on it. Near the shed there were a few soldiers of the assault group armed with automatic rifles and dressed in flak jackets and helmets. Long bursts of automatic fire crushed them to earth. Officers and instructor pool were spreading and opened chaotic fire into the darkness. The bursts of automatic fire were heard in response. A submachine gunner fired short bursts in total darkness. 

He was acting more like hunter then soldier. He stopped and held his breath and just listened. He heard a sound of steps and crawling. He was surrounded by enemies and he shot every time he heard some sounds. When the submachine gunner heard moans, he came quietly to the wounded man, killed him, took his weapon and walked on into the blackness… 

There was a glimmering of dawn in the sky. A few examining officers who survived gathered near the command post. Suddenly, a submachine gunner that was up in the tree shot the group. Then he jumped down from the tree, walked round his victims, firing twice in each soldier’s head. 

At dawn the sabotage group that destroyed the garrison and combed the area returned to the gates, tired but contented.

The white-haired man in a long coat and white shoes sat quietly at the gates with his head down. And when the group came closer, he shot them all. Then he walked round his victims, firing twice in each man’s head.

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