Future is children’s talents

Future is children’s talents

We are convinced that the best way to resist wars and conflicts is to invest in children, in their education and development of their potential and talents. Only those children who have freedom of creation and expression grow peace-loving, thoughtful and honest people. Creating something with their own hands, children learn to appreciate their own labour and labour of other people. Support of young talents and nurture of peaceful and happy generation is the purpose for which the Peaceful Childhood Project was launched by the International League of Peace. 

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to help all people at once, but we can and should make decisive moves in this direction. Therefore, the International League of Peace decided to help one little girl, Sofia Palieva, to develop her talent. She has a talent for drawing, but, for a number of reasons, is unable to develop it. 

 Under this initiative, the decision was made to provide this young artist with everything she needs for drawing. Also Sofia was given a task to draw four drawings on the theme of peace and she will get acquainted with practicing artists, who can give her useful and practical advices. As the work proceeds, Sofia’s drawings will be exhibited on our web site and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube).

The International League of Peace expresses its appreciation and thanks to the “Alizarin” art supply store for assistance in the selection of materials for Sofia

The Peaceful Childhood is an educational project that aims to develop children’s understanding of what is world peace and how important it is. The International League of Peace’s volunteers explain children what is peace and ask them to share their own vision through drawings, words and songs. In the process of communication, grows children’s understanding that it is important to avoid bloodshed, wars and conflicts.

More information on other Peaceful Childhood project’s events is available on our web site: Child Draws Peace, Colorful Peaceful Childhood.


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