Gift of love in the time of war

Gift of love in the time of war

She saw him when she was sitting in a therapist’s waiting room. She caught cold and had a high fever for two days and a cough. She decided that she couldn’t neglect taking care of the cold because she was a kindergarten teacher. So she was stuck in the waiting room in one line with ill-natured old ladies, nervous mothers and their sneezing babies and… with a handsome man. His beauty was wild and rugged, that is what most men on the city streets had lost. Ha had large strong arms, well-muscled shoulders, weather-beaten face and childish dimple in his chin. He was wearing a military uniform and it was clear that it wasn’t a tribute to military fashion of recent years. He sensed her looking at him, raised his head and looked straight into her eyes. His green eyes carried her into the sky. They were just sitting in the waiting room and looking at one another entranced. Suddenly that magical connection was broken.  “Next, please”, a voice in the consulting room shouted. He smiled at her, shrugged his shoulders and went into the room. She remained seated and overwhelmed. She understood when he came out she would go with him.  The thought that he might have a wife or girlfriend, or he might not be happy with her, had never crossed her mind; she just knew he was her fate and it was forever.

The consulting room’s door opened, he came out, his eyes sought hers and he walked towards her. She made a room for him, saying nothing. He sat down, turned the beret in his hands and seeming a bit confused asked: “Do you stay here long?” She shook her head: “I’m done”.

They stood up and walked to the door hand in hand. No one paid attention to them. No one would ever have guessed that they had just met each other.


In a few days when it was clear that the ATO became more and more like war, he was informed that his five-day leave was over and his battalion is to return to the East. He told her – they did not seem ever to be parted for a moment – she told him without any pathos: “I’m coming with you”. “Where???” “Anywhere!”

She stood on tiptoe and pressed to his cheek. His cell phone rang and Boris Grebenshikov’s prophetic words echoed through the room.

 I feel how the shadows become thicker,

The river’s on fire, but the bridges are up.

God gives us what we wanted.

Gives us love, love, love in the time of war.


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