I’m alive!

I’m alive!

In my previous life, I had no idea what am I living for. I’m not sure I have been living and not merely had been born and existed due to inertia. It seemed to me that something was always lacking, that I need a new coat to be happy, and a new mobile phone, and apartment, and higher salary. It had always been too little for me, even when it was too much, I had always wanted more. No matter how much money and valuables I had, I wasn’t happy. Today, on the first day after the war, I’m totally, unbelievably happy simply because I’m alive!

In my previous life, I hated Mondays. I hated when vacation or holidays were over. I hated my job, I went to work because I had to and I needed money. It seemed to me there is no work in the world from which you don’t want to go home at 6 pm. I loved Fridays that symbolized weekends and lie in. Today, on the first day after the war, I thank someone invisible there in the sky for every single day, every single hour no matter what day of the week it is. I’m alive!

In my previous life, I became furious in case a waiter was too slow or I had to wait too long to get my order. I was capricious when my meal was overdone or not warm enough. I demanded to cook the ordered meal again if I didn’t like its color. And I could throw out a product 1 or 2 days prior to its expiration date. Or throw it out only because there was no place for new food in the fridge. Today, on the first day after the war, I’m happy that I don’t need to eat rats, grass and drink water from the pools. I’m alive!

Everything that used to cause irritation or boredom, that was unacceptable and made me sad; now all that seems magical, a very great gift. Because when you had survived to the first day after the war, you begin to see this world and your place in it in another light.

I think continually: “Do people need to come through hell, pain, helplessness and cruelty to begin to love their life?” If it is so, we, people, deserve whatever we got and it will so continue until the

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