Letters of Humanity

Letters of Humanity

One of the International League of Peace’s lines of work is information activity, which provides an opportunity for people to know how to achieve a safer and more peaceful world. What to start this work with? Who is the best audience? Children, of course!

We decided to devote this month to the issue of refugees and internally displaced persons. So we visited Kyiv city secondary school No. 159 and delivered a lecture for the pupils of 5-6 grades. Sometimes kids can be cruel to other children, particularly to internally displaced children. They can be cruel simply because they never tried to put themselves in “the shoes of a refugee”.

Practicing psychologist Andrey Chistiakov told the children how to build bridges between them and those children that need help. The pupils actively participated in the discussion and after the lecture they gave the International League of Peace drawings and letters for IDP and refugee children. With those drawings and letters they wanted to support IDP children and show them they are not alone. In turn, with a help of volunteers we will give those drawings and letters to refugees and will always seek to provide and be part of the creating of solutions in the promotion of friendship between children. For this, we are ready to work as postmen 7 days a week :)

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