Creativity will save the world

Creativity will save the world

One of the International League of Peace’s volunteers, psychologist Maryna Kozyletska, gave an expert opinion on our kid’s creative contest.

First of all, I’d like to say that such peace initiatives are extremely important in these challenging times. Politicians, press and “couch” experts only increase tension between people.  People begin to see enemies everywhere, but only a few can cope with this enmity. What can we set against social tensions? Clear data, explanations or facts? Hardly – all these can be distorted. Calls to be more “human”? Alas, we can’t hear them because of the noise of well-funded mass media machine. Family and friends? Probably, but as we can see, people are split even in this relation, so some of them prefer to discuss with their relatives and friends only neutral issues. Should we ignore the problem? No, it is not appropriate way, these emotions won’t disappear, they will appear later in the form of neurosis, addictions, and even suicides.

The question arises: how to deal with that inner stress?  The answer is simple: creativity! Adults’ and children’s creativity, conscious and intuitive, tangible and intangible. The act of creativity must be meaningful, and show us something new and special.

Of course, as a psychologist, I could analyze every dance, poem and drawing trying to find out what a kid wanted to express, but I stop myself from doing so. After all, what is the difference what a sun means on a kid’s drawing if the kid brings that drawing to his or her mom and she shares it with others? Presently, the fact of creativity is important, rather than the quality of work. The kids did the most important: they opened their hearts, expressed themselves, gave us a breath of fresh air and smile with their desire to be themselves, make other people happy and create!

I’d like to add that all participants deserve higher commendation, because they create, share the results of their work and because they are our greatest love and our future!

As for the parents, I’d like to say thank you for sending your kids’ works, for supporting your kids’ endeavours, for contributing to the development of our world!

And I would like to thank the International League of Peace for such initiatives. We all need them now, because they divert people’s attention from war and anger to peace, creativity and beauty!

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