Our Mission

mision_350x280International League of Peace’s mission is to promote peace building around the world. 

The activities of the Organization will mainly be aimed towards developing the international security system that provides for effective measures to protect all countries from military intervention.

The objectives of the Organization are: 

1. Promotion of establishment of the effective international system for protection of the UN member states from military intervention, including, invasion of disputed territories, namely:

- Recognition of the UN member states’ existing borders, regardless of historical claims. All territorial claims are subject to detailed description and formalization by the UN decision;

- Renunciation of military invasion of the territory of another state, including invasion of disputed territories;

- Responsibility of the United Nations member states for military invasion of the territory of another member state, including invasion of disputed territories;

- Elimination of the right of veto for a permanent member of the UN Security Council in case the member state is a party to any military conflict.

2. Ensuring international protection of the rights and democratic freedoms of persons facing unlawful persecution for peacekeeping and other human rights activities.

3. Conducting educational and scientific conferences, engaging in peace negotiations, cooperating with the leading global peace institutions, providing assistance to refugees, etc. The Organization plans educational projects for people who have no choice yet, those who have to live in wartime. The projects will be based on trainings in first aid, actions in the event of bombing, etc.

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