Faces killed by war

Few people know that one in four experiences nausea and even vomiting in combat, and one in five is unable to restrain certain physiological functions. Post-traumatic stress is observed in almost every tenth soldier, and the longer the stay in a war zone, the more evident is the deviation. And even if there are no obvious mental problems, the surviving soldiers are changed forever, something die in them. To show this English photographer Lalage Snow captured soldiers’ faces before, during and after serving in Afghanistan. The project “We are not dead”:

  1. Second Lieutenant Adam Petzsch, 25
  2. Private Chris MacGregor, 24
  3. Sergeant Alexander McBroom, 24
  4. Private Matthew Hodgson, 18
  5. Second Lieutenant Struan Cunningham, 24
  6. Private Steven Anderson, 31
  7. Private Sean Patterson, 19
  8. Private Jo Yavala, 28
  9. Private Fraiser Pairman, 21
  10. Lance Corporal David McLean, 27
  11. Lance Corporal Sean Tennant, 29
  12. Corporal Steven Gibson, 29
  13. Private Ben Frater, 21
  14. Lance Corporal Martyn Rankin, 23




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