War and home

Behind every soldier is not just a country or nation, but family, relatives, home. Horror and cruelty of war leaves scars, but when soldiers return home they want to be themselves again and just live, love and be happy. A series of photos of The Veteran Art Project by Devin Mitchell shows two parts of every soldier’s life: war and home.

  • Rachel Jansen Hope (2006) with parents Jennifer and Shamar Hope, deployed simultaneously three times
  • Sergeant Darren F., United States Marine Corps
  • Jennifer N. Hope, United States Navy
  • Chris Van Etten, Corporal, Purple Heart, Combat Action Ribbin, Afghanistan Campaign Medal, US Marines. Harley, IED detection dog
  • Major Brian McLaughlin, Airborne Infantry, US Army
  • Layla Webb, E5/LS2 United States Navy
  • Layla Webb, E5 (SW) United States Navy
  • Major Patrick Lehmann, Medical Officer, US Army, reserves
  • Mylee YC, SSG, US Army
  • Sergeant Martorano, E5, US Marine Corps
  • Sgt. Jovane M. Henry, veteran of the US Marine Corps
  • Mikos Morissette, E4 8L LRS, US Air Force
  • Adrienne Camille, Expeditionary Warfare Officer, United States Navy
  • Michael Thrash, LS2/E5, United States Navy
  • Sergeant Nick Jones Jr., United States Marine Corps
  • Claude Mackenzie, Fleet Marine Corpsman, United States Navy
  • Brad Ivanchan, Machine Gunner, Purple Heart, Afghanistan and Iraq campaigns medals, US Marines
  • Ken Backner, Color Guard Commander, United States Navy
  • Shamar Hope, E6/CS1 (SW/CSW), United States Navy
  • Lt. Jackie Perez, Surface Warfare Officer (Nuclear), United States Navy
  • Sergeant Jeff Bosley, US Army Special Forces
  • Jennifer Morales, United States Navy

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