Scientists against war

Scientists against war

The modern world, as we know it today, owes much of its progress to scientists and inventors. On the other hand, it owes the bloody diabolic cruelty of wars to them. Science has long been a double-edged sword that could protect its owner or cut his throat.

There are many inventions that became a retribution for all mankind instead of saving it. Gunpowder tops that sad list. Chinese scientists believed that gunpowder will become a potential source of eternal youth for rich men, but all testing had no effect. Later gunpowder’s discovery led to the invention of fireworks. Soon it was used as the basis of all bombs, weapon and explosives. So, instead of eternal life and health, gunpowder became a basic component of murder.

From bad to worse. Chemistry, physics, medical science and information science should serve humanity and pave its way for development, but these and many other sciences became suppliers of death of all kinds – chemical weapon, nuclear weapon, information weapon, robotechnics etc. Scientific machine ensuring murders moves on and it will not stop, because death brings the highest income.

One day the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki shocked the world and showed that everything that can benefit the people of all nations also can be distorted by greed and cruelty and turned against human beings. In 1955 the leading figures from the worlds of science including Einstein, Russell, Born, Rotblat and others released the Russell–Einstein Manifesto calling for the inadmissibility of using nuclear energy to murder innocent people. The Russell–Einstein Manifesto called for the  Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs where scientists assessed the dangers posed to the survival of humanity by weapons of mass destruction. The Pugwash conferences are conducted every year. The first of the conferences was held in 1957 in Pugwash, Nova Scotia, Canada.

It is our earnest hope that such peace movements will not allow to ruin everything what makes people happy, sustains life and gives youth and beauty

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