It may strike people as odd, but I remember myself from the very first days of my life. At first I was a tiny seed. I was small, plain, dried up seed, but I carried a spark of life, sun inside and potential for growth. 

I was dropped into the soil and afraid for a moment, it was dark, damp and lonely there. But then I felt the ground wrapping me softly and nourishing with everything I needed to grow, live and reach for the sky.

Time had passed. A young shoot sprang up from me. Oh, how tiny and defenseless that first shoot was; and such a path lied open before it! There was a thick soil layer ahead, there was a huge unknown world full of gigantic forms while I was so small. But there was the Sun! What is Sun? I don’t know exactly, but there is a knowledge inside me that it’s always with me; I’ll see it no matter how long I’ll have to wait. And I know it’s very important for me…

I remember my first day in the forest. I think that day is my second birthday, because I came out of the warmth and comfort of the ground to the huge amazing world where I was deafened with the wind, birds singing and rustle of grass. I saw, I felt, that moment I understood what a real life was. LIFE!!!

The years passed by, I was growing strong and my crown became a shelter for birds and squirrels and shaded people from heat. You people can’t feel yourselves alive! You sit down, lean on my trunk and start telling how bad the things are, you are crying and complaining, forgetting how it feels to enjoy the sun, wind and world around us. Some of you wrapped your arms around my trunk to be in closer contact with nature, some of you cut the names of your beloved on my bark; the names you forgot in the course of years and which are kept on my body as old scars…

But one day a man came and killed me. He cut me down and took me away from my forest, he brought me to the wood-yard and left me die among other strong and high trees. What did we feel? Affliction. Because there was no sun, no butterflies and no grass tickling my bark… We felt bitter spice of loss, but not death. We were lying and speaking to each other in our minds. We though what we were killed for. Probably, people need warmth, their women are freezing, their children can die… My death may result much benefit. Maybe we’d died to become the cradles for babies and be transmitted from one generation to another treasuring the family’s history…Or perhaps…I’m tired…I can’t stand it…I’m leaving. Its good thing I will never know what will become of me. I hope it was worthwhile…


- How much does this toilet paper cost? 

- The one that is extra soft?

- Yes.

- It’s one dollar. It’s so soft! Buy and you will not regret…




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