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10 Tips for past wars and their families

  • The time doesn’t always cure 

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a serious condition that occurs as a result of participation in hostilities (or other traumatic events), and has one nasty trait: it doesn’t disappear with time but augments. If within a year and a half after the traumatic event no special therapy is conducted or there is no adaptation to a normal, peaceful life, the painful symptoms increase.

Ordinary Wirtschaftswunder

After the war this country was in shambles, experienced political dependence and pressure, economic collapse and rampant inflation. The level of agriculture development was lower than decades before the war, food production was cut by half, one-fifth of housing was destroyed; only one-third of industry functioned. Speculation, shortages and unemployment ruled in once prosperous country of Europe. What country was it?

It was...


Her jacket, out at elbows, was far too small, but she didn’t care. Bright butterflies on the sleeves were enough to make the child smile every time she noticed them. In eight years, the value of things is very different from the adult’s values and old second-hand jacket isn’t a reason to be unhappy.

Her elder brother thought differently. Being only three years...

Simple love story

A village met journalists with silence. It is a silence of the earth, which the nature is reclaiming from people: crickets sing in the houses, grass grows in the sagged windows and a wild cat glitters with its eyes from under the half-decayed porch of one of the houses. All villagers left the village, some of them moved to town, some died, some of them couldn’t born in...

Mother for all sons

Masha was walking down briskly through the dimly-lit hospital corridor. Moans arose on all sides: adults, children, injured soldiers... bombs aren’t particular, they don’t care who will be killed. There were so many people that there was not enough room, and the corridor became the largest and the most difficult ward. There were both injured and those for whom the hospital became the last shelter in their destroyed city. Masha was...