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War or peace: what do people need?

If you ask a man to choose war or peace, he will say peace, but in fact he will choose war. People are ready to kill others for such insignificant reasons that it becomes increasingly difficult to call humankind reasonable. The thirst for violence, that nature gave us as the predators, is fuelled daily by different channels of information accessible to humans.


How to explain what is war to a child?

Children and war are not words that usually go together. In time of war children are especiallysensitive and defenceless.

International League of Peace asked citizens of Vyshneve (Kyiv Region) how to explain a child what is war and what happens during wartime. Responders also shared their thoughts on war games that children play, in particular, computer games and mock battles.


Ordinary Mother Teresa

Someone is perfect in speeches, in giving lush promises, putting on a solemn face and knows all about successful advertising. She had little time for marketing and interviews, they say she got up at 3:30 am, devoted all her time to the service of "the hungry, the naked, the homeless, the crippled, the blind, the lepers, all those people who feel unwanted, unloved, uncared for throughout society, people...

How can we cultivate culture of peace?

Citizens of Kyiv shared their thoughts on what is necessary to teach new generations to be more tolerant and peace-loving; how to cultivate an ability to interact and find common ground and compromise.

International League of Peace asked passers-by how to explain young Ukrainians what is peace and peacefulness. 


Have cyber wars already started?

Before talking about cyber wars, let me give my definition of conventional war. It is a use of armed forces of two or more states for defensive purposes (repelling foreign invasion) or aggression (attack for occupation of another state’s territory), associated with enemy’s manpower and weapon destruction (or threat of use of force).

In principle, the definition of war is widely covered in different sources, including international...

7 Facts About Peacefulness

Periods of peace

Modern country with the longest period of peace is not Switzerland, but Sweden: this country hasn’t been involved into military conflicts for over 200 years. The latest military event with the participation of Sweden was coercion of Norway to the Union in 1814 (dissolved in 1905). Among other countries with long periods of peace are Switzerland (since 1848), Costa Rica...

Child and Peace: hapeness, fun and joy

As part of the Peaceful Childhood project, International League of Peace requested children to think and tell through drawings how they interpret peace, happiness and welfare.

The photoreport on the event and small Ukrainians’ drawings are represented here:




Child draws peace

The world through the eyes of a child is very different. It is a close-knit and happy family, caring mother and father, loving grandmothers and grandfathers, bright sun in a blue sky, friends, games, smiles, flowers and pets. If you ask child to draw peace and happiness, he or she will probably draw his or her mother and father, brother or sister, toys or friends.

This is...

Fear of war. Psychologist’s opinion

Many people are characterized by infighting between the desire to work and temptation to rob. In times of peace, devotion to work prevails and parasitism is punished. But during the crisis periods hard workers are overtaken by fear. People are not able to think globally and percept the categories of the future; survival and self-protection become the most important. This is the greatest harm any war...

Global Peace Index 2014

The Global Peace Index (GPI) ranks nations according to their level of peace. The Index gauges peace using such themes as the level of safety and security in society; the extent of domestic or international conflict; and the degree of militarization.

The Index shows the world's most peaceful places as well as the world’s least peaceful counties. The GPI was introduced in...