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The lesson will end in 3 minutes, as well as mathematics test. A teacher with a stern face paced between the tables, looking into students’ notebooks, and students with trembling fingers tried to finish writing the last formulas. At sixteen many think that the future depends on the annual test.

His paper was covered with slant rows of numbers, but his thoughts were about other things...  namely...

Ordinary Wirtschaftswunder

After the war this country was in shambles, experienced political dependence and pressure, economic collapse and rampant inflation. The level of agriculture development was lower than decades before the war, food production was cut by half, one-fifth of housing was destroyed; only one-third of industry functioned. Speculation, shortages and unemployment ruled in once prosperous country of Europe. What country was it?

It was...

World war and money

War is much worse than disease - people are not just afraid, they are weakened, cornered; they do not know whether it is curable, whether tomorrow brings any relief. If someone is seriously ill, he/she is ready to give a lot to recover. During war, people give all for the victory. Sometimes entire states are given away.

Wars involve enormous money. The report...