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Kid’s Art Contest “Your World, My World, Our World!”

International League of Peace invites talented kids from all over the world to participate in our creative contest.

Please send us children's original works filled with ideas that describe their understanding of the world, what they adore, their dreams, their environments, family and friends, and all good things that bring them joy and happiness.

Rules of entry: 

  • The contest is opened to boys and girls...

7 Facts About Peacefulness

Periods of peace

Modern country with the longest period of peace is not Switzerland, but Sweden: this country hasn’t been involved into military conflicts for over 200 years. The latest military event with the participation of Sweden was coercion of Norway to the Union in 1814 (dissolved in 1905). Among other countries with long periods of peace are Switzerland (since 1848), Costa Rica...

Gandhi and satyagraha

"I have nothing new to teach the world.

Truth and non-violence are as old as the hills"

 Mahatma Gandhi


Already during his lifetime representative of merchant caste Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was called Mahatma (great soul), Bapu (dad), and the creator of socio-political and religious-philosophical doctrine Gandhian. Gandhi disclaimed these...