partnership_350x280Today our team consists solely of enthusiasts, people who can no longer ignore the current state of the world. We are all different. We differ in age, education, religious beliefs, but we all have the common goal of world peace! We don’t want war, we don’t want people to die of explosions and bullets, we want a bright sun in a peaceful sky, and we want the world that is ruled by love, not by hatred and death!

Who said world peace is impossible? Perhaps someone who never did anything for this purpose… Peace is possible! We rally people around this idea and together we will achieve what nobody had ever been able to achieve.  

If you want peace and you are ready to do something real and useful to achieve that, join us and become a member of our team. 

 When war becomes a terrible reality with explosions, deaths and destructions, too many people find themselves unprepared for that. One of the objectives of International League of Peace is to provide psychological and financial assistance to people affected by military actions. That is our minimum goal. The ultimate goal is to make any war impossible.