He bandaged her eyes and led through meandering tunnels. “You could do without these precautions,” she said after a dozen of turns. Then added, trying to smile: “I never would have remembered this way.” He only vaguely chuckled in response.

There was so quiet that the sound of their footsteps was like a slow drumbeat, mercilessly pounding in their ears. Again and again she regretted about all this adventure and cursed herself for carelessness. All horrors that she could imagine, and even those of which she never thought now floated before her eyes. When she started feeling dizzy because of the complete loss of orientation, they stopped. “Here we are,” he said, and carefully removed the bandage from her eyes.

Large long room was filled by the hundreds, and perhaps thousands of strange boxes. High metal cabins with a lot of buttons, lights and colored wires were covered with a light layer of dust. It seemed that their slender gray rows newer ended, a faint light coming from out of nowhere didn’t allow to see the details. Startled, she moved closer and touched the bright orange wire with a fingertip. “Do not touch anything!” he shouted in terror, but it was too late: the wire cracked and fell off, breaking dozens of others, creating a small plastic “avalanche”. “Oops,” she said, and looked at him in confusion.

“What is it?”she asked when the awkwardness of the situation was almost gone. “We do not know …” he said slowly, “… but I think that here they kept something important, maybe an information.” “Information? About what?” He frowned, apparently trying to put more importance into his words: “It is likely that it is an information about the world, about the secrets of the universe, of eternal life and the mysteries of the future; about rains, and long droughts – about all the important things that mankind new.” “Then it’s a real treasure!” she exclaimed, thought a little, and added: “… but how do we get it out?” He sighed, looked at the rows of “treasures” and said: “This is what we are trying to do for many years. We are looking for people who can reveal at least some of these secrets.”

On the halfway back he suddenly stopped and removed the bandage from her eyes. When she opened her mouth to ask, he pointed up: “Look there.” On the high ceiling she saw a small round hole in the rock and stars look at her through it. He smiled and said, “Maybe there, in those gray boxes, we find answer to this question too, about the miracle that allows us to see the stars in broad daylight!”

When they came out of the cave to their tribe, her soul was singing, it seemed like she touched a very important secret, the most important in her life. She believed that now everything has changed, as if the answers were close and soon they will know all secrets of that abandoned cave.

And the old servers continued to smolder silently at the far end of the tunnel in the mountain. Billions of gigabytes of information on the most diverse military technologies were waiting in the wings. Waiting for another chance to destroy the world.

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