War and other death

War and other death

War is a human’s invention, a monster devouring its creator and his posterity. Whatever the reasons for making war, whatever the benefits are at stake, it all comes down to the horrible statistics of deaths. People are dying. To die for gold, for lands, for freedom…does that matter when parents are notified of their children’s death and wives receive the news of their husbands’ death?

It is understandable that there are no wars without victims, that faces are unseen and lifestories are unheard beyond impersonal figures, but the fact that during war people are dying not only at the hands of an enemy is lost in general statistics. War often causes suicides. Let’s try to understand why is it happening, why do people kill themselves in the times when the fight for human life is very intensive.

On the one hand, suicide goes very much against the idea of evolution; thousands of years of development shouldn’t be broken off because of momentary hesitation. And a suicide during war, when people live on adrenaline and do everything possible to survive, seems to be an unattainable luxury. On the other hand, there still is a tendency of committing suicide during wartime and it requires understanding.

The causes of suicide in peace and war time differ. In the first case, the main reason of suicides is depression that is followed by guilt and financial difficulties; also this list is completed by satiety of life and ailments. In the second case, in wartime, in the first place there are fear, sense of being deadlocked, loss of family members and irreparable physical harm (loss of limbs, disability and partial incapacity). People are cracked up psychologically because of the violence that often lasts for years.

Also there exists a special type of suicide called altruistic, when people sacrifice their lives for other people. Direct participants of military operations face it more often than civilians. And of course it is important to remember that a great number of suicides is committed by the old soldiers that could never stop being in the war in their mind.

Although some scientists believe that so called anomic (social, in contrast to egoistic) suicides diminish during wars and revolutions, this standpoint does not always reflect reality. It is very difficult to emphasize the siuciders in that river of blood that appears during wartime and try to help them somehow.

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