War. How Not to Get Mad

War. How Not to Get Mad

Psychiatrists will be rich when it’s all over. We are all almost clinically insane here. All habitual benchmarks are ruined, so we have to try to understand this world again through questions. But the questions don’t make it any better. There are from two to thousands answers for each question. 

1. To lie or not to lie? 

Many people lie, both to others and to themselves. They lie to others just not to feel fear. They lie to themselves not to be ashamed. But it doesn’t work. Because they are shaking with fear and blushing with shame. We suppose to be better now, but we are the same as usual. And despite heroism and victories, there are always “animals” that expectorate on the floor and beat their children. 

2. To feel or not to feel?

On the one hand, it’s impossible to feel – too much, too heavy, too close. On the other hand, we can ignore it, but for how long? I have a humor as a shield. So what? My shield is doing to pieces. Jokes and reality run neck and neck and they become harder. I’m posting cats, not to post trash. It seems to me that laugh is a relief, but it is an illusion. “I can’t work and create when all that is happening in my country”, some people sob. I understand. Yes. It’s hard to create. But still I make some joke and create.

3. To help or not to help?

Let’s be honest: we are emotional impotents with all that mayhem on TV and press. Every day we hear news on new deaths. Catastrophes, natural disasters, idiots with guns, car enthusiasts, married couples, brick falling on head. A plane crash? Oh, that’s terrible! Well, that’s all, keep watching your TV. But what if your child or husband was on board? Your world would be ruined in that case. Now every day someone needs help. Contributing to one bank account, another… You are going out of your mind with all those severed legs. Although you don’t know those guys, you feel fear, because you could know them, because your friends and relatives also can get the Pandora’s notice teleporting people straight to the hell of war. Finally you understand that you are at the breaking point after which you’ll feel nothing, even if you are falling in that plane.

4. To work or not to work? 

Some say we are in no joking mood now, in no working mood, in no living mood. Stop eating, sleeping and rejoicing. Stop advertising your services, people are dying. Ok, we can stop that, of course. But should we? We need to hope for something and if we have to rebuild everything that was ruined, we need to understand that there are hands and bricks, and we will bear it. “And some people lost their hands in that war”, is shouted in the crowd. Well, yes. So let’s sit and cry. Because hundreds of people are losing their hands every day. But is it a reason to give up and stop moving?

5. To be afraid or not?

We were afraid of bombing on May holidays. Now we see the situation in Donetsk and Lugansk and are afraid that a fuse will be blown and our cities will explode. And our severed hands, legs and heads will ensure the world with the cases for deep concern. They will be sad for a while, but not too long. And we will be afraid for a while and then we’ll cease to be afraid. Because we have nowhere to go, and human can get used to expectation. There are many jokes now on the theme of war, for example, “if it not explodes, we’ll visit it” or “the aspirin is in a military first aid kit, the one that is next to a potential refugee’s backpack and partisan’s fork”. 

I have no other answers and feelings. I’m looking at the situation from the outside. I’m looking and saving up for psychiatrist.

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