War or peace: what do people need?

War or peace: what do people need?

If you ask a man to choose war or peace, he will say peace, but in fact he will choose war. People are ready to kill others for such insignificant reasons that it becomes increasingly difficult to call humankind reasonable. The thirst for violence, that nature gave us as the predators, is fuelled daily by different channels of information accessible to humans.

We are watching movies, where the main heroes are cool only when they leave behind mountains of dead bodies. Yes, those are the bodies of criminals, but still… We are reading books where the cruel face of war is made up and presented to the readers as something elegant and gingerbread, making a perception of war easier.  Everyone thinks about feats, but don’t think about hardships, wounds and ruins. Some men say “if there is a war, I’ll go as a volunteer and fight” and in case war starts they just run away and hide. Our children are playing computer games where they habituate to blood and meat, animated, but several bad things are instilled in their minds: a) it is easy and funny to kill; b) if you are killed – you have million chances to replay. And, of course, daily news where some were shot because of stupidity and others shoot themselves through negligence and there are many hot spots with regular body bags delivery. 

In such a situation human beings cease to love and appreciate life and start to get used to war. Because war is first of all a stupid and wasteful neglect of other people’s destinies and only then policy and economy. It gets easier for people to participate in massacres because every day they see how life loses its value!

 Thus, the next time you will think angrily: “You should be killed for that”, and will buy a toy gun to your child, when you will be listening news about hundreds of victims of bombings or will be watching bloody   block-buster you should remember that you participate micro-wars leading humanity to abyss and preparing to mass destruction. You can’t love and accept cruelty without losing part of yourself. 


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